I know that my recipes contain some confusing or amusing terms and acronyms. If you’re confused like everybody is, check this list. Contact me if you want a term added and explained!

FN: Food Network, a US-based TV network that has a stranglehold on the food entertainment market. I still love it though. Did I ever tell you that I won a Chopped shirt in a giveaway?

GBBO: The Great British Bake Off, a UK-based baking competition show that put one season on Netflix, which I then watched a million times. Makes me want to bake things.

GABS: The Great American Baking Show, an inferior bake off product that doesn’t fill the yawning void in my soul left by its British progenitor. But I’d like to apply one day, just for kicks. Mostly I want to meet Mary Berry, I mean just look at her.¬†She’s lovely.

GF: Abbreviation for Gluten-Free. Or Girl-Friend. Please don’t buy girlfriend flour, buy your girlfriend flowers

Pastry blender: One of these! It’s like brass knuckles but for bakers. Really good for putting butter into flour. Feels a little bit like wielding a medieval weapon. Fingers go on the not-knives side.


Pulverize: You know dust? Make the thing in question into dust.

Formable: A word I made up to describe a texture that probably has a proper culinary term. When you squeeze a fistful of it, it more or less keeps its shape once you un-squeeze.

Crumblemess: How most gluten-free doughs start. The dough gets its act together eventually. Or you whack it around a bit until it behaves

Flour: I probably mean Pamela’s Artisan Flour Blend, but you can probably sub in any gluten-free all purpose flour. Bob’s Red Mill, King Arthur, Cup4Cup, etc. are some good brands too. Or you can make your own blend!