Gingerbread Cookies

Gluten free gingerbread cookies! This is a great example of using flavors to cover up the gluten-free weakness of the baked good. The spices and molasses easily cloak any detectable anomalies and the result is just slightly crispier gingerbread. Since molasses is so sticky, it also compensates for the lack of binding power of the dough. This is also a vegan gingerbread cookie, since again it doesn’t need binders like egg or milk because of the molasses.

I used this recipe, which uses a base of Bob’s Red Mill Shortbread Cookie mix and adds in ingredients. If you’re like me and you forgot to buy the most vital component of your recipe, you’ll have to add sugar to your GF flour (plus some baking powder and baking soda) to create a poor man’s shortbread mix.

Add more spices than the recipe asks for. Vary these spice proportions based on what you like, more nutmeg, more cinnamon, etc. This yields a unique recipe that you can tout at parties so you feel like an especially effective 1950’s hostess. “Oh what recipe is this?” your guests ask, providing a perfect opening for you to modestly say “Why, it’s my own recipe!” Perfect. You’ve done it. To make your impression flawless, pretend you didn’t microwave some leftover noodles for lunch.

From there, it’s standard operating procedure of mixing, chilling, rolling, and cutting the dough like sugar cookies. You can also vary the bake times to get chewy or crispy gingerbread, which is amazing. Works well for decorating with kids and it’s really an easy dough to work with.

The icing is a 1:12 ratio of powdered sugar to water/milk/any other kind of thin culinary liquid. It will become solid if you leave it out in the air for an hour or two, which is good for transporting cookies to family gatherings with a million small children. That’s definitely what I did over winter break. And I love all one million of them.


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